Thursday, June 9, 2016


When we pulled up at church for Wednesday night prayer meetin' and supper, Mary was getting out of the car. As she saw a big ole delivery truck parked nearby, she asked, 
"Does it say FRED EX on that truck?"

Other than Fred for Fed....her reading has taken off!! 
I help her with the big words like "delicious" in the Gingerbread Boy tasted delicious....He should've stayed away from that sly fox!

She's working on her summer reading -- with a combination of short books and longer ones. She read The Giving Tree to me. I was sorta surprised. She picked it up and started readin' up a storm.

I have her read the printed instructions for her math 'homeschooling'. That's what we call learning at the house. My experiences have proven that once a child starts reading academic vocabulary like THAT.....then they're off and sailing in their literacy development.

There are definitely verbal miss-slips. They're hilarious to me.

We have a friend named Tommy B.
We call him T.B.
Mary asked me why we call him T.V.

She also said her friend's daddy's name is "Miss O........"
Cracked us up!

According to Little Bit, her VBS story was about the woman at "the wheel" - a.k.a. "the well".

A few months back the preacher taught on "the well", and Molly asked me, "Mom - was there really a whale there?!?"

Some of this is simply our southern drawl  versus our use of homonphones - words that sound similar.

There's that woman at the wheel!!

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