Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Went to Visit Mrs. Anne and Her Forty Thousand Flowers

This is Anne's gorgeous Martin house.
Those are not real birds perching.
Just in case you're like me and wondered "at first glance"...

Anne is one of our favorite people in the solar system! We jumped at the chance to go visit.

We love her bridge.
Oh. The. Tree. Next. To. It.

Day Lillies with names like Golden Trumpeter, Issac, and Carnival Ice -- the girls wore them in their hair.

Now what's the name of the deep purple one with "Revolution" in its name?!?

Mary told Nanny Carol, "I knew the name of one of the flowers, and it starts with a D....Daisey!"

What a glorious sunset to top off a delightful time of marveling at God's beauty and creation! 
Thank you, Anne.

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Janet said...

Your whole blog is such a love story!