Friday, June 10, 2016

The Girls are Petsitting - Four Days of Paid Summer Employment

This is their "charge" - Sweet Lucy of Stanton.
a.k.a. The Snore-er and taker of gas relief tablets.
We are all staying in the home of precious family friends while they are in D.C.
Melzana ("Mel-Zane-Uh"...southern fried name) hired Em and M to petsit.
Big M - as in Molly.  
We are honored.

Mary and I are along for the adventure (and supervision).

We were all on deck at 6:00 a.m. - feeding, tending to Lucy before we left to come home so I could go to work (part time summer job with school district).

We'll go back later and feed Lucy, walk her, and spend the night. I, of course, will get my "fix" of FOX news and HGTV.

The girls are doing a great job with their attention to details -- for Lucy's routine and specific needs. They have a clipboard with lots of helpful typed instructions.

I -- on the other hand -- set off the blasted alarm and had to call D.C. for the password. Grrrrrr.
Alarm companies sorta need that tidbit of we don't get hauled off by the cops.

I should've been wearing my little 1.0 readers so I could READ the options on the alarm keypad.
Oh well.
All the pressin' in the world couldn't unscramble that egg once I messed up!

Great people, great dog, great learning opportunity for the girls.

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RamblingMother said...

What a great summer job. Maybe more like that will come along.