Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Chinese Dress

Mary asked to wear a Chinese dress - to sleep in or wear around the house.

I bought her the one she's wearing in this picture. Got it in Guangzhou when I was there last time for Mary's adoption.

I dressed her in it for her arrival into the U.S.
I think.
That's all kind of a blur.
I believe Em and Molly said Miss Mary did have it on when we made our grand entrance thru the airport gates.

Anyhoo - I let her wear it to Wednesday night prayer meeting/supper. Emily told her, "People are gonna stare at you!!"
When I retrieved Mary from her class she said, "Mom. Nobody stared at me."
I told her, "It's probably not even noticeable to folks that it IS a Chinese dress."

Could not find her any dress in Kunming - her home city.
There were lots of ethnic dresses, but not necessarily representative of HER ethnic background.

Molly has a dress from Xilinhot (her home city) and another one from Inner Mongolia (her region).

Emily has 2 from her province (Guangdong). One is a small size. The other is larger.

People have actually given us a few simple dresses that they "came across" (not adoptive hand me downs....just some that may have been for sale at a Chinese restaurant or something.

I do have a Chinese jacket/vest for a child around 7-10 years old. Anna E. passed it along to us. It's special.

Also got a top and skirt from K.K. - same size as jacket.
Special - as well.

I sound like I'm writing an inventory narrative for a clothing collection.

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