Friday, June 24, 2016

Only 2 of My 3 Chickadees Can Get in a Pool

Sweet Emily is out of this game for a while...

...and swimming - for us - is fun, relaxing, out of doors, good exercise, meaningful sister time, and FREE!

No whining allowed.
Be thankful.
Be thankful.

We are all at my part-time job -- for the weekend and into next week for a few days. Swimming pool is located here.

Then we'll back for the 4th of July weekend.
I think I'm off on the 4th.

Anyhoo - Emily is in the group home several yards away. She's a great sport about it all. 
She's not a complainer.

Molly is so kind.
She'd give up swimming on account of her sister -
And now that she's learned to swim (lessons last summer) - 
She's one happy fish!

Mary's not mature enough to grasp it all.
Give her a doughnut floatie and the shallow end of a pool.
She's goin' in!

Glad to have Em's surgery behind us.
Rejoicing that The Great Physician has given us His promises to stand on - in faith.

We've got a To Do list of simple, fun things the girls want to do.
Gonna get after it!!

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