Thursday, June 23, 2016

Making Kombucha - Day 9 of the Fermentation Process

Molly filling up a bottle with Kombucha tea and organic mango juice

Emily with starter tea in measuring cup and our next batch of organic green and black tea - to ferment into Kombucha tea

All this is done because of the SCOBY.
Google: Dr. Axe Kombucha Benefits
It's a growing "thang" necessary for the healthy drink.

If you're new to the planet and have not heard of Kombucha -- welcome.

A lot of folks have not heard about this "ancient elixir".

We've bought Guava Mango Bucha Kombucha at the grocery store, but it gets pricey.
$2.79 a bottle

I went to Amanda's house and learned how to make the stuff.
This will be way cheaper in the long run
My girls love, love this stuff and love making it.
Recycling glass bottles
Growing SCOBY discs
Saving money
Having plenty on hand to drink
Experimenting with various fruit flavors

Our SCOBY (on plate)

I'm not a DIY add on kinda girl -
DIY = Do It Yourself 
I'm not.

I do not get excited in a Home Depot or Lowe's.
That just spells MORE work.
More DIY.

I've got enough DIY every single day to keep me content and busy for 1,528 years.

I was doing yard work until 8:30 last night.
Never got to the backyard.
Granted...I was waiting for the sun to wane in its extreme heat.
I only came inside because I knew folks were probably putting kids to bed (I was using noisey power tools.)
I couldn't see! It was dark.

Amanda rinsing her SCOBY in a water/vinegar solution 
Emily is is bottom right of photo video-ing the process (on iPad).

Back to Kombucha -
We're DIY-ing it all the way.
We've not harvested our first batch. 
That'll be another 6-7 days.
We are fired up about this easy project.

Amandas's SCOBY "hotel" - storing them for additional batches
WE want to have a lot, too!!

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