Monday, June 27, 2016

The Fabric of Our Lives

This is a quilt Janice made for Emily when she was a wee lass. 
It's a treasure at our house.

This morning as we were cleaning up the kitchen (Shocking - I know!), she picked up our quilted "to go" coffee cup holder - homemade by Janice in the last year or keep hand from getting too hot from hot coffee in cup.
Gosh.That was a long sentence!
A gift.
A coozie.
It's next to Em's elbow in the photo.

Anyhoo Emily said, "Mom. These two pieces of fabric are in my quilt from Mrs. C. (a.k.a. Janice) 

She recognized the pieces, designs, colors.

I waxed sentimental and went to snap a photo of the quilt and the coozie.
Here it is.

I love the connections of time and friendship evidenced in gifts from someone else's hands and heart...and that Emily is keen enough to remember and notice.

Thank you, Janice, for your many gifts to my girls through the years. 
Mary has been sleeping under your Enchanted Zipper design quilt, and Molly's is at the foot of her bed.

I dearly love how these fabric designs "speak to my soul".
Some of my favorite soft and simple colors...ahhhh.

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