Thursday, June 16, 2016

Emily is Having Surgery Right Now

Her left ear - with titanium replacement parts (inserted in a previous surgery)
Removing a cyst from behind that ear drum
Bless her!
I slathered her with Lidocaine cream at all 4 possible IV points.
Covered those spots with Saran Wrap. Works great!
When it was time for IV, she never felt the stick.

In surgery now.
Believing for total restoration 
Complete healing

We've been doctoring all week long -
Ear tests
Meeting with surgeon/expert dr.
Meeting with nurses
Pre-admitting at hospital 
Lab work 
CT scan
Phone call conferences
Pharmacy consult 

Met our family insurance deductible in one fell swoop with the CT scan

Em let me take her pic in front of the CT machine.

She had been in pain. Now we have serious drugs for that - until surgery date (today).
Last night was tough.
There were tears.

We appreciate your prayers.
Agreeing she'll exceed all expectations...
We trust our "above and beyond" Heavenly Father!!

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