Sunday, June 26, 2016


Em and Mary found this little fella and beckoned me to come quickly.

Right behind them but way up high atop an outside ceiling fan -- baby birds in a nest.

Mary ran for her binoculars.

This is a blurry enlargement of one of the wee babies - bug eyed and pouty beaked (as they tend to be).

Yesterday we somewhat blocked traffic on our side of a normally busy road to allow an unusual looking turtle to finish crossing the road and head down an embankment.

His turtle watchin' angel surely got him safely from the other side of the road to where we were approaching.
Miraculous feat considering the cars barreling around that bend....

We actually were coming out of a driveway on this road....but as I did my safety move of "look left, look right, look left again"...I saw my new friend scurrying in the road.
He was much faster than other turtles I've assisted.
Very distinct long tale - triangular.
I'll have to investigate and figure out just what type of turtle he is.

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