Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Deja Vu Doctor Visit

This is Nurse Natalie hugging Em.
She's not with our ear expert doctor/surgeon extraordinaire anymore.
She's in Nurse Practitioner School.
 -- soon to be going forward in clinicals.

She's subbing this week for Valerie - current nurse (on vacation).

We've not seen precious Natalie in years!!!!

Seeing her again and hearing her gentle and calming voice took me back to Emily's early days of doctor appointments here.

I was a new mom.
Emily was still so young and new to our family, this country.
We were on a journey to bring healing to tiny "Mei Xia Ying" - ears, eyes, anything that needed attention.
Those were uncharted waters for me, for her - 8 years ago.
We held tightly to each other - and learned to love and care together.

I literally choked up upon chatting with Natalie and seeing her once again.

She always encouraged me - comforted me, reassured me.

I talked with her of how she spoiled Emily with Dum Dum suckers and stickers galore.
I'm absolutely positive we still have some of these stickers in one of Em's Rubbermaid storage containers - holding all her paper-type keepsakes.
** Molly and Mary have keepsake containers, too.

Little Em would "save" her stickers and rarely pull them off the backing.
Just how she was back then in the early days.

Seeing Natalie and Em together again....Oh.How.This.Brought.Back.
Even as I type this with my index finger on the iPhone, what happy feelings I have.
Feelings that pull me back to former days.
If I'm not mistaken, those are the feelings of happy motherhood.
Then and now.

We were in and out of the doctor's office -- which means all good news (post surgery).
Natalie loaded Emily up with "the usual" suckers (....and she rarely ate those -- except for maybe the root beer flavored ones). I asked if she'd give our sweet patient some stickers -- for old time's sake.
She did.

We are ever thankful for a Heavenly Father Who "sets the solitary in families"
and "heals ALL our diseases and afflictions"...
Who IS our Comforter...
He's our Champion of Courage.
Our Marvelous Memory-Maker.
We love Him so!

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