Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Little Potty Humor- Pun Intended

Mary giving her "pose"
Mercy me!

We'd been out and about so Molly and Em could use their Christmas gift cards - from Nanny Carol - on some super summer sales.

These girls treat gift cards (and cash) like g-o-l-d.
Not impulsive buyers.

Molly found 2 tops, and Em found 1 top and 1 dress -- approximately 55% off on everything.
Yee ha.

We could've made the evening addition of any news network tonight.
Ran to the bathroom in big department store (2nd floor) for 1 or 2 girls to use the facilities.
Floor sopping wet.
I politely told the delightful lady cleaning the restroom I was in a predicament with kids and announced, "Well. I'm taking them in the Men's restroom."
That door was open, floor had dried, very clean, no male occupants-- in we scurried as our new lady friend stood guard for us.
Gosh - just think.
We could've gotten a national standing ovation for doing what I've done several times before in the past.

This shopping time was a summertime "fun" excursion after the girls have been with me working since last Friday.
They're considerate about moving out of our house into another each time I go to my weekend/part time job (fill in house parent at group home).

Tomorrow ----- Goodwill - to drop off items and peek/see, my classroom to return books, Walgreens to fetch photos, gas station to fill up the vehicle, Whole Foods to get some July 4th food (I work again this weekend so gotta prepare in advance), and maybe to ride a big, ole carousel.

It'll be Wenesday night prayer meeting and supper at 5:00.

We are some kind of adventurous- huh?!?

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