Friday, May 27, 2016

The Lunchroom Lady at Church Has Retired

Someone else gave Debbie the lovely flowers.
I told her how she "saved me" at times -- back in the days of first becoming a mother.

Emily was home from China - 2008 - and I'd take her to Wednesday night supper/prayer meeting.
I was mentally and emotionally worn out.
Emily grieved hard for a while.

I'd go sit in the church dining room, food already prepared. I didn't have to cook or clean - just show up.
Marlene would come and help me.
Mom was there.
It was a time to breathe a sigh of relief.

It seemed like sooooo many people at church wanted to hear our story.
Folks were curious about Emily, older child adoption, China, and the hundreds of details that accompany these aspects of our lives.
I told all that I felt comfortable saying, but in all honesty - it wore me slap out.

Jet lag was still in high affect.
That in and of itself is a kicker!

The day might have been a challenging one with grief, language barriers, confusion, 'triggers" that might have caused meltdowns for Em.

I still had U.S. paperwork to complete, Emily's doctor's appointments to meet, surgeries to schedule, international adoption clinic to travel to and consult (in another state), legal issues to address, new family dynamics to adjust to.
The list was long.

Going to Wednesday night church suppers was a God send, and Dear Debbie helped make it all happen.

What a treasured time of life to remember
...the beginnings with Emily and then continuing on with Molly (who cried over green beans her first week there) and now Mary (who sucks the bones of the drumsticks - ick).

And sweet Debbie was there for it all.
We'll miss her!!

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