Saturday, May 21, 2016

Here's How the Conversation Went....

Mary is doing her "morning read" on the way to school.
It's from a kindergarten reader by Horizons.
Skills are clustered and build on each other.

Well, she was reading about Fisk who wanted to go to the farm and complete tasks.
Kinda goofy. I know, but great exposure to these blends of consonants -- "-sk" sounds.

Well, ole Fisk wants to milk a cow while on that there farm.

Mary blurts out, "I know how to do that."
I bait her and ask, "Do what?"
M - Milk a cow
Me - Milk a cow? YOU know how to milk a cow?
M - Yes
Me - How?
M - You use those pink things.
Me - Pink things?
M - Yea. On the cow
Me - What pink things?
M - pull on those pink things. I dunno what they're called.
Me - And what happens?
M - Milk comes out.
Me- How does the milk get in there?
********* I know. I prod!! My mother said I could argue the horns off a billy goat. I consider myself an educational miner...digging deep for understanding. Makes me sound less aggravating than I am. ***
M- I think the cow drinks the milk and then it comes out.
Me - Well, why don't we just drink the milk first instead of it going in and out of the cow?
M - MOM......

Later on she decided she'd call the teats on the udder - "drippers".
Too funny.
Actually -- funnier that I called them udders and not teats.
I best get my own facts straight first.

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