Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Mary made this in Sunday school.

The 3 girls created these beautiful bookmarks. Lovely.

My posse cleaned and swept while I was away.

Emily and Molly picked baby peaches off a tree in our backyard.
Maybe a little soon. (Insert a "probably weeks too soon"....but they did not want worms and bugs to get the peaches first.)
Sweet gesture.

According to Mary's fill in the blank answers...
I am 82, like purple flowers, make the best cake, am SO good at dishes, and Mary's best memory of me is "good".

She made 1 mistake.
I like purple AND pink flowers.

I worked all weekend with these silly girls and some others (who went home before church) to spend time with family.

SOOOOO Donna and Marlene bought and prepared a Mother's Day meal for all of us and brought it all to the group home where I work on weekends.
Nanny Carol was there, too. Yay.

Wow. How special of Donna and Marlene.
And to think I talk so ugly about them behind their backs!

Not really.

I just say it to their faces.

These 2 have been a support system for me as I've undertaken the lifelong tasks (at a later age) of motherhood...and being single. The list is looong of all the ways they've helped my little family.
Never mind that they're hilarious.

They're the dearest of friends. They wanted mom and me to feel special even tho I was working on Mother's Day. (I volunteered. Dave Ramsey would be so proud!)

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