Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Guess What We'll Be Watching All Summer

We splurged and ordered lots and lots of these --
Entire seasons of Little House on the Prairie on DVD 

Since we don't have TV
And the girls (well Mary is still learning) are really good at self- monitoring.....when to watch movies, how long to watch them, how late to watch them...
I wanted them to have a fresh batch of movies (tv episodes) to have on hand this summer.

I realize how unusual it is to raise children without televisions blaring all the time,
But it just seems so normal to us.
We have great movies that the girls watch over and over.
We check them out at the church library and the public library.

No Netflix here (but possibly one day).

We watch tv at mom's house -- Me TV type shows (Gilligan's Island with Ginger and her dress tighter-n-a-glove AND Mary Ann wearing her Daisey Dukes).
Gilligan is so goofy.

Of course, Andy reigns supreme.
Griffith - that is.
And he will always be number 1 in our book.

The girls get a kick out of Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy, too.

We have 9 seasons of the Waltons that we've accumulated thru the years.

Now - we'll have some Little House DVD's to add to our collection.

Molly read the entire series of Little House books.
Amazing considering she did this year #2 of being in the U.S.
Emily read 1...but school work (a few years ago) sorta took a lot of her time.

Anyhoo - I'm looking forward to the entertainment value and simple lessons of life and love exhibited in these stories.
And yes.
My cousin says, "Somebody always ends up cryin' in that show!" (Paraphrased)

Laura Ingalls, Ma, Pa, Mary, and Carrie - here we come.

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RamblingMother said...

That's a great summer watch list. We don't have tv either just movies. Amazon prime has so really great movies for free if you have prime membership.