Thursday, May 26, 2016

Beginning of Summer Celebrations - This One at Church

That's s balloon parrot on Mary's shoulder.

Here's the clown who crafted it.

Clutch the pearls.
I let kids wear shorts to church.
Surely it's a sign of the end times....MOTHER!!

Simple, little old fashioned fun
Putt Putt Golf

The super duper sisters who are great sports and so helpful

The painter-girl asked Mary, "Do you want a little design or your whole face painted?"
She and I answered at the same time with 2 different answers.
I said, "Go for it."

The guy in the red shirt is from a "missionary" family.
Funny fella!
I think his brother is serving right now in Indonesia.

Fun evening
Almost missed it

I was at my weekend job, hauled home Sunday afternoon at 4:45 after being there all weekend (since Friday at 4:30)  - loaded up dog, kids, suitcases, coffee pot, portable DVD player, and all our other belongings---
And we made the concerted effort to get back to church (as we always do...but the events this night started earlier).
We made it because I wanted us to all be outside on a great evening -- with Nanny Carol -- meeting up with church buddies 
And having good, clean, free fun!!!
So worth it.
Not easy to accomplish - but glad we all pitched in to get there.

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