Friday, April 22, 2016

Uhm...5:45 a.m. -- MY Quiet Time

Hmmmm...this is out of the ordinary.
For some reason she was up and at it -
But only 20 minutes earlier than usual.

This is part of my devotional time slot in the mornings.
Read my Bible.
Drink coffee.

We have to hussle in the mornings.
No room for error time-wise.
Gotta go.
(Sometimes I loathe the word "go".)

Sign in - on time - or your name gets highlighted in yellow.
I've nevah been a victim of the Sunshine Sharpie.
Almost, tho.

Bells ring for school to begin.
Better not be in the hallway.
Kids are piling into classrooms.

Another day.

1 comment:

RamblingMother said...

early morning is the working mother's best friend. Cute picture though.