Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Gliding Flight - Paper Folding and Aerodynamics

That is some serious paper folding.

I took the homeschool liberty (I love to say that!!) to break from the norm -- which I often do with science and social studies and Bible....but never with math, spelling, reading, or language arts.

The girls have been using the shown book to learn to fold paper airplanes.

Then we fly them in the evenings if we can catch a good wind.

Yesterday's plane flew famously well.
Had to arc it upward on the throw, but the wind really sent it flying.

I like that the girls have to construct their understanding of a concept.
Their days of doing these type activities AS their science are probably numbered.

They cannot build examples of mitochondria (they can sketch them), but not everything needs to be "draw and label". 
Some things - yes, for sure.
Most science should just be fun!

Next on the science agenda -- building simple structures to protect a raw egg when it's dropped from a location up high (balcony of someone's 2 story house or a bridge). We'll have to find a fun spot.

We're certain to document it all in pictures!

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