Saturday, April 2, 2016

Clowns, Camels, and Colder Morning Than I Thought

I'm working this weekend, and the facility where I work is hosting a fundraiser. My girls are a part of it all. 

Field Trip!!

We had to borrow jackets. Brrrrr.

I recently trapped a feral cat (in a kindness trap...where door shuts behind kitty as she goes inside to eat smelly, fishy cat food).

All of this so sweet kitty does not get preggie and start the vicious cycle that follows.

I love animals and don't want to see any suffering.

Well...yesterday morning I had permission to be 45 mins late to work. Callie the Captured Cat needed to be "fixed".

I have perfect attendance for this 2015-2016 school year. It was no problem to go in to work a few mins late.

Mary and I had an appointment at the low cost spay neuter clinic for dear Callie to have her surgery.
Gone from home by 6:45.
I left her there in good hands.
Others were picking her up.

** Kitty will be released in same neighborhood where she was living outside and being fed. **

Actually this has been a team effort.
Gwen has the trap.
She and Jen are the cat advisors.
Donna helped me find the clinic and provided practical solutions.

We all collaborated together to w-o-r-k and get this accomplished.
These kinda friends do, go, bring, assist, chip in, and offer to drop everything to help out.

On the way to school from the clinic, Mary said, "Can we call this a field trip?"

I said, "Yes, honey. Everyday can be fun...and we will always go on field trips."

She just squealed.

One thing's for sure: We live a great life with a variety of experiences!!!!
Even Clowns and Camels

For this I'm so thankful. 

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