Saturday, March 12, 2016

Today: Kite Making...Tomorrow: World Domination

Windy March day?

Sunny spring Saturday?

Leisure time at home?

High tech materials?

The girls made a kite from a grocery bag, straws, tape, and dental floss.
It flies super-duper-y.
It has a keel that really stabilizes it.
** Found a video on You Tube explaining the kite construction in an easy step by step process. **

Today was their day to actually make it.

I've been working this week at my 'other'
job. I literally pack suitcases and stay do the girls.

School was closed for Spring Break, so I had the opportunity to work at the Group Home for special needs women.
Been doing this for over 22 years.
It's been a blessing to be there and "raise" my girls in that environment.

Dave Ramsey would approve my decision. We're BFF's.

Last Saturday thru Monday we traveled to and fro to see family. Special times!!

It's rained 80% of the remainder of the week...maybe 100%...but we continued with our fun list to "get things done" during the several hours I was free each day (when women were at their day jobs/workshops).

Our list consisted of necessary things to do and things the girls wanted to do.
--consignment store shopping
--Chik-Fil-A kids meal lunch
--oil change for car (yawn....over an hour)
--tea with Janice
--Wednesday night prayer meeting and dinner with Marlene (I took all 9 clients from Group Home plus my 3 girls.)
--Apple Store appt. to check on iPad
--Barnes and Noble - twice
--1 hour 40 minute phone interview (and I don't like talking on phones) pertaining to Molly's medical needs, bills, appointments (I had to answer 5 billion questions and cough up pertinent medical info, dates, doctors' info...)
It is what it is. No griping.
--Group Home basketball game
--tomorrow will be church 
THEN we move back home, unpack, return to Sunday night church, get ready for bed
AND at 5:00 Monday morning...the alarm goes off.

Great week.
Great fun.
Great memories made.

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