Friday, March 4, 2016

Mary said, "This is George Washington."
I said, " is is George Washington Carver."

Walking the dogs while staying where I work some weekends. 
Two of the three dogs come, too.
And their food, leashes 
Along with
3 bags with clothes for the girls
Their bags with homework and/or books to read
My suitcase
Coffee pot, coffee, stevia, organic foods I might want to have on hand
My bag with date book, bills, important papers to 'peruse'
Make-up kit
Blow dryer, flatiron
Bible, journal
And the kitchen sink 

I've been working with my 'special friends' at this organization -- on some weekends -- for about 22-ish years.

Long time, huh?
It's been a blessing.

I'm thrilled my girls are exposed to others with differing abilities and needs.
Up close and personal.

Great life lessons!

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