Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mary's Language Learning and Mis-slips

Emily said they were all watching the movie Pocahontas.
Folks were getting into carved out boats -- canoes.
Mary belted out, "I know what those are...cocoons!!!"

She calls mirrors - "meer-rows".

The cutest, tho, was when she and I were solemnly talking about why she got her clip moved in her classroom.

She went from green to yellow.
Yellow is the warning - to correct the behavior.
Little Missy was talking when she wasn't supposed to be.

Anyhoo, I said, "Do you know what will happen IF your clip is moved to yellow again this week?"
Mary answered questioningly, "We're going to have a disgust-ion?"

She meant discussion, 
but it was so stinkin' cute!!

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