Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Family Night Fun - Texas Train Dominoes

-- at Nanny Carol's
-- Mary played, too...with a buddy to help her
-- I lost a game for Mary. Duh. I had a domino to play and win but didn't. Silly me.
-- We all won at least one game. 
-- I joked with mom and told her, "I think you HAVE dominoes to play...c'mon. Shape up!! Get in the game, girl."
Coming from the helper of a 6 y/o who blew her chances...well...my comments were not taken to heart by anyone participating in the action.

Overheard at the game table:
What color is the 15?
That's an 8 not a 6.
It's shaped like a square.
There's 1 dot at the bottom.
What color is that blank?
That's orange - not yellow.
Draw a domino for me...again.
Aw man. You messed up my next play.
It's JUNK drain - not jump train.
Y'all wanna play again. It's only 11:30. Yawn.

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