Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Family Night Fun - Texas Train Dominoes

-- at Nanny Carol's
-- Mary played, too...with a buddy to help her
-- I lost a game for Mary. Duh. I had a domino to play and win but didn't. Silly me.
-- We all won at least one game. 
-- I joked with mom and told her, "I think you HAVE dominoes to play...c'mon. Shape up!! Get in the game, girl."
Coming from the helper of a 6 y/o who blew her comments were not taken to heart by anyone participating in the action.

Overheard at the game table:
What color is the 15?
That's an 8 not a 6.
It's shaped like a square.
There's 1 dot at the bottom.
What color is that blank?
That's orange - not yellow.
Draw a domino for me...again.
Aw man. You messed up my next play.
It's JUNK drain - not jump train.
Y'all wanna play again. It's only 11:30. Yawn.

A Little Yard Work...and Nanny Carol Did Half of It By Herself

Saturday, March 26, 2016

"Grace Flows Down"
by Christy Nockels

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
Amazing love
Now flowing down
From hands and feet
That were nailed to the tree
As grace flows down and covers me.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Resurrection Rolls - Symbolic of the Burial Ritual for Jesus

Crescent Rolls - linen cloth to wrap the body of Jesus
Marshmallow - Jesus
Melted Butter - oil
Ground Cinnamon - spices
Sugar (We used Xylitol.) - spices
Oven - tomb

When cooked for 10 minutes, the pan is removed from oven.
The marshmallow is melted and sweetens the roll.
Symbolic of Jesus being resurrected on the third day.

We read scripture from Matthew 27 and Luke 23 - telling the events of our Savior's death and burial.

He is alive!

Molly is Teaching Mary How to Weave Rubberband Bracelets


Mary made this bracelet.
Good hand/mindconnections.
Fun learning.
Free...because Samm sent us all this!

Samm's family and I were together in China when they met him and I met Emily.
September, 2008
Sweet memories.

Mary crisis-crossed these bands on the little loom.
There is a crochet type needle that is used to weave the bands once they're on the loom tool.

Molly helped Mary while Emily was helping me organize and straighten up.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mary's Language Learning and Mis-slips

Emily said they were all watching the movie Pocahontas.
Folks were getting into carved out boats -- canoes.
Mary belted out, "I know what those are...cocoons!!!"

She calls mirrors - "meer-rows".

The cutest, tho, was when she and I were solemnly talking about why she got her clip moved in her classroom.

She went from green to yellow.
Yellow is the warning - to correct the behavior.
Little Missy was talking when she wasn't supposed to be.

Anyhoo, I said, "Do you know what will happen IF your clip is moved to yellow again this week?"
Mary answered questioningly, "We're going to have a disgust-ion?"

She meant discussion, 
but it was so stinkin' cute!!

Sweet Little Book

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mary Helped Me Assemble the New Weedeater

The other two worker bees had helped me with major front yard duty...and were showering.
It was cold, wet, and sloshy -- but the show must go on.

I hauled home from school on Thursday to cut the yard before another round of rain.
I worked last weekend
Was visiting family out of state the weekend before that
Worked the weekend before that one

The schedule of my life - 

It was sprinkling a little, the grass was damp, but I hurried.

Checked the oil in the engine first

I do have a riding lawnmower.
Just kept my clothes on that I wore to work that day.
I'm sure I looked silly.
It's not the first time.

Cutting grass is not a big issue.
Weed eating, hedging, blowing, trimming -- all the other aspects of yard work are the most effort.
Getting out the looooong electrical cords
Bagging up leaves, weeds, limbs
Making it all look tidy

I do appreciate the "time off" from all of this from November through February.

I had to turn around and go back to school for a Parent Night.
Thus the rush.

Got to school.
I signed in with Mary's teacher but had to go help with 3rd grade team...talking about state tests.

I didn't get to weedeat until today - Saturday.
Time at home.
Still sloshy.
The weedeater just flung mud all over me - face, hair, clothes.
I know!

** I haven't done anything in the back yard yet, but it's on my To Do list! **

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy Gotcha Day to OUR Molly! Three Years of Joy and Laughter.

Went to eat at a restaurant - her request.

They watched pizzas being made - home style.

Emily took this pic of the beautiful rainbow that we saw as we traveled to eat and celebrate.
-- from the car window at 60 mph

We love you, kind and gentle Molly.
How blessed we are.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

St. Paddy's and Puzzle with Puppy

Thank you, Samm and family!

We love the box of "happies"....puzzles, DVD player and DVDs, craft items, and all the other really cool pass along gifts.

Can't wait to see you in the recording of Seussical!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sweet Emily!

Tonight - celebrating and eating fajitas 

Before I ever met her - in Meizhou, China

See the babies/toddlers in the beds behind her?

Photo from Emily's 1st birthday here in the U.S.

I love you, Sweet Pea!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Today: Kite Making...Tomorrow: World Domination

Windy March day?

Sunny spring Saturday?

Leisure time at home?

High tech materials?

The girls made a kite from a grocery bag, straws, tape, and dental floss.
It flies super-duper-y.
It has a keel that really stabilizes it.
** Found a video on You Tube explaining the kite construction in an easy step by step process. **

Today was their day to actually make it.

I've been working this week at my 'other'
job. I literally pack suitcases and stay do the girls.

School was closed for Spring Break, so I had the opportunity to work at the Group Home for special needs women.
Been doing this for over 22 years.
It's been a blessing to be there and "raise" my girls in that environment.

Dave Ramsey would approve my decision. We're BFF's.

Last Saturday thru Monday we traveled to and fro to see family. Special times!!

It's rained 80% of the remainder of the week...maybe 100%...but we continued with our fun list to "get things done" during the several hours I was free each day (when women were at their day jobs/workshops).

Our list consisted of necessary things to do and things the girls wanted to do.
--consignment store shopping
--Chik-Fil-A kids meal lunch
--oil change for car (yawn....over an hour)
--tea with Janice
--Wednesday night prayer meeting and dinner with Marlene (I took all 9 clients from Group Home plus my 3 girls.)
--Apple Store appt. to check on iPad
--Barnes and Noble - twice
--1 hour 40 minute phone interview (and I don't like talking on phones) pertaining to Molly's medical needs, bills, appointments (I had to answer 5 billion questions and cough up pertinent medical info, dates, doctors' info...)
It is what it is. No griping.
--Group Home basketball game
--tomorrow will be church 
THEN we move back home, unpack, return to Sunday night church, get ready for bed
AND at 5:00 Monday morning...the alarm goes off.

Great week.
Great fun.
Great memories made.

1st Time for Molly and Mary to Tinker with a Jack-in-the-Box

Although it's really a Peter Rabbit-in-the- Box.
They turned the little wind up handle
Listened to the tune Pop Goes the Weasel
And squealed when the adorable Beatrix Potter creation popped up out of the little metal box 

I love, love Peter Rabbit stories.
Such timeless classics.

Time to get out my Peter Rabbit and his bandana full of onions....salt and pepper shakers from England.

Mom brought them to me as souvenirs when she and Aunt Topsy traveled to Europe years ago.

Time for spring!

Friday, March 11, 2016

A-Nutha Loose Tooth

I tell ya...she's already beggin' for braces.

All Together They Weigh 230 lbs.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We Went to a Tea Party. How Very British of Us!

Our dear friend, Janice, invited us over.
She "fixed" us homemade scones and tea.
What a treat.
I just thought "how special"!

She steeped black tea and raspberry tea -- both faves. 
The scones were pimiento cheese (slap me) in photo below and cherry-almond (way below). Yummy.

It's hours later and I'm wishing I had some more of it all.

We love time together with our dear, family friends.
So much to glean.
So much to share.