Sunday, February 21, 2016

Woop. Der It Went....

That tooth is OUT.
See the gap on her bottom row of pearly whites?

Big sister pulled it.

Mr. Tooth could've come out any day this past week. Mary asked Em to pull it.
I gave the "go ahead".

There was quiet....then I heard a clink on floor.
It took us a moment to find it.

Oh. Mary danced about with great delight.

I put the tooth in a ziplock bag and then into a pink Chinese "jewelry-type bag" that I bought in Guangzhou on my last go 'round. (Bought a bunch of them!!)

The pink bag went under Mary's pillow. She was even more excited to finally have Mommy come and snatch it out from under her pillow during the night.

** I've told her....all 3 girls...the true stories about Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, and Jesus. **

These 3 kiddos collaborated and agreed all 3 should find 1.00 under their pillow in the morning.
Good idea!
Done deal.

This is fun for Molly who lost all teeth in China and threw them in the trash.

It's a little opportunity for HER (Molly)  to live out the FUN stemming from a mother who openly and truthfully  impersonates 3 fantasy characters
who aims to live out the ideals and commandments of the ONE "real life-er" on the list.

Anyhoo - my baby lost her first tooth.
Her response, "I'm a big girl."

Ya think Dave Ramsey would suggest the envelope system for my Tooth Fairy fund?!

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