Thursday, February 4, 2016

Took Emily to the Library to Gather Sources for Her Research Paper

We've checked out books.
We've ordered books from other libraries in our county system. They're on their way to our local/city branch.

**** As I told the very helpful librarian who was securing these books for us..."Hmmmm. I'd like that job -- being the courier who travels from one library to another to pick up books and take them places. Yup. ******

Today it was time to teach Emily how to access and navigate an academic database.
It's just a way for her to gather necessary information via articles, texts, and journals that are "digitized" = stored in one spot but accessed through the Internet.

I first had to get the tutorial from the handy dandy librarian, and then Emily and I worked together on her search.

One search might bring up 3,000 "hits", but only a small percentage may even be relevant to her topic in any form or fashion.

Emily's research topic as provided by her 7th grade Language Arts teacher....
Invention of the Telephone and Cell Phone.

She could've chosen any invention, but this is what she decided to research.

Her assignment is to write about --
The history of...
The benefits to society...
The dangers to society...

Not too difficult - good entry level research topic....with full MLA citations of references, outline, notecards, and a variety of sources. (Only 2 of approximately 12 can be internet articles. Good!!!)

While at the library, we found a book of maps. 
Ta da.
There's Meizhou - where Emily lived.
It's on very few maps that we've come across.
Actually - I'm not sure I've ever officially seen it on a printed map.

Emily's pointing to Meizhou - "May Joe".
Her middle name had Mei in it. I kept it from her Chinese name...Mei Xia Ying - "May Shy Ying".
Such a lovely name.
Such a lovely girl!

I did learn something else today.
I thought Meizhou was west of Guangzhou.
Like....I've thought this for nearly 8 years.
Uhm. No.
It's northeast.
As Gomer Pyle would say,
"Surprise. Surprise."

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