Friday, February 19, 2016

Major Focus in Life - To Pay Off Back to Back Adoption Debt

So this is my new best friend.

I'm attending a 9 week Financial Peace class.

I am laser focused on retiring loans that I "took out" to make up for the financial deficits I faced as I pursued adoptions for Molly and Mary. 

I worked lots and lots of weekends to acquire additional funds.
I'm still working on some weekends and plan to work during Spring Break.

** I'm not a fan of borrowing. I felt in my heart that if I'd do what needed to be done -- the Lord would be my Helper. **

Retiring debt is not something we are 'undertaking' as of now.
I've been undertaking it every single month since since sometime in 2012.

Sounds like a long time ago.

Our -- My -- priorities are in place.
At least I think they are.
I am a super conservative spender.
My girls are, too.

Tithing is #1 priority.

As I'm  doin' the Dave thing, I can follow his advice of what is proven to work.
Snowball debt reduction -
Starting with the debt payment that is the  lowest - not necessarily the one with the highest interest rate.

I'd penciled it all out in the past, so having Dave's wisdom is helping me fine tune the plan.

The instructor asked me -- on the first night what I was most looking forward to "getting" from the seminar.

My response, "A testimony!"

We're optimistic.

When I got home from last Thursday's 
session, this is the note my sweet girls had left for me.
That AND a clean kitchen.

So precious!

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