Saturday, February 13, 2016

Food Court Fun

Ran into the Food Court at the mall to grab Family Night/Valentine Celebration 
'Takee Outee'. 
Thank you Mom/Nanny Carol for this Valentine treat!!

I'm not a mall fan.

Anyhoo - Mary asked me, "Which one of these (rides) do you want me to ride?"

My smart alleck  comment was, "The one you have money to pay for."
I Was Kidding.
She goofily said, "Mooooooooom!"

I had a flashback to Kunming, China - Nov. 2014.

When I was adopting Mary, my Chinese guide, Jerry, and I had an excursion day. We went to a small amusement park, and Mary wanted to ride some little rides (like the ones at the mall).

Long Yuan Ping very independently took some Chinese money from me and went boldly to the lady in the ticket booth to secure her tokens. She handled the entire transaction.

She was 5 y/o and in "I can take care of myself" mode. 
Thus the trait of a young child who likely WAS  taking care of herself in many -- not all -- ways.

*** She was mesmerized on the ride -- that day in Kunming -- but not giggly. She wasn't laughing. ***
My best guess was she'd never done that before. She probably was a little awestruck.


Yesterday I gladly scoured 3 quarters from my purse and got 'er goin'

She beamed and said, "I love donkeys."

Silly thing.

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RamblingMother said...

Fantastic memory, adorable picture