Saturday, January 2, 2016

So THAT'S How You Play Spoons

We got together for a little time with our friends.
I call the group "The China Moms"...but of course, the girls/kiddos are friends, too.
Some have known each other for years.
Some for 'not-so-long' -- ex. Mary.

Some were adopted from China at the very same time - Anna and Jenna.
They're from the same Social Welfare Institute in China.
And here they are living in the U.S. - in famililies from the same area...and both of their moms knew each other already because....
They were both single schoolteachers
In the same school district
In the same program (gifted ed)
At the same time
Using the same adoption agency

Amazing huh?

Anna is in the pic above - bottom left/back to the camera.
Jenna is to her left.
Still friends.

The Red Thread Connections are remarkable.
We love these peeps so much!

Molly in motion

Mary reclining - with Abbey and Madeline

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