Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hot Cocoa on a Cold Winter Day

I was settling the girls on the stoop (where I work some weekends) with their Kuerig-made hot chocolate.
Molly and Emily have whipped cream on theirs.
Mary has marshmallows.

I was headed in to get coats at the request of Em and Little M.

I said, "Molly - you want me to your coat?"

Emily said, "Mom. She's the one from the cold part of China."

To which I replied..."Yeah....but she pops that heat on at the house at the first sign of a chill."

Molly is from Xilinhot, China - northern part of the country.
Temps there below zero this week...way on down below zero.

Amazing and miraculous that we connected as a family.
We love our sweet snowbird!

....and she did not want her coat.

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