Friday, January 1, 2016

Gifts for Everyone from Cookie

Mercy me.
Was I ever pampered today.

Cookie's extra special birthday gift was a trip to a day spa for a 1 hour pedicure/leg and foot massage.

Soft music playing.
In a private room.

Calgon - take me away.

After my relaxing and royal treatment in this quite high fallootin' place, off we went for Mexican lunch.
Cookie had fish tacos. (Ick)
I had chicken fajitas.
Who on this planet even cares?

My 3 girls did.
They were so very excited for me.

I left the girls at home.
But Nanny Carol came over to check on them.
I called home to be sure they took their Chicken Pad Thai frozen meals out of the freezer.
Their lunch.

I did save and bring home some of my fajita fixins because I knew the girls would love a bite.

When I got home and showed off my red polished toe nails, I found that the girls had been busy cleaning and organizing their room. 
In a huge way!!!!
Lots of hard work.

I ooo-ed and ahhhhh-ed.
Then headed for a nice afternoon nap.
But before I put my head down on the pillow, Emily wryly commented, 
"Now mom. Don't think you're gonna start going off and hanging out with your friends all the time.
If so - when you'll find that we've been selling things from our house!"

I said, "...and I assume you'll with items in MY room first??!"

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