Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lost Tooth on Last Day of Year

Yes I know.
Bloodied up mouth.
Precious to behold over morning coffee.

Had to round up some cash for the Tooth Fairy.
When one kiddo gets something, they ALL get something.

Molly is making up for lost time in China when no one saved her teeth and put money under her pillow. 

So there!
She'll have 1.00 under her pillow tonight, too.
As will Emily.

You might say...."for real?!?"

We continue to celebrate childhood no matter how old we are.

I may put a dollar under my own pillow AND Nanny Carol's.
She's spending the night.

Headed to a little New Year's Eve gathering tonight - Robin and Forrest's house).
American born citizens will be in the minority.
Chinese kids (mine and Robin's) will likely take over. Fun. Miraculous. 

Collard greens, cabbage, and black eyed peas simmering on the stove - for New Year's Day evening meal.

The girls and I have been chopping onions, washing these veggies, and stirring "to beat the band".

LSU won today.
That'll make 2016 a year end delight for the males in my immediate family.

It's been a fabulous year - each and every day.
Thank you, Lord, for being just who You are.
We love You.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pics from Christmas Eve

Molly played Christmas songs.

Emily helped Mary write letter to Santa.
I helped bake the cookies.
Poured the milk.

Mary knows the true story about Santa...but we play make believe.

Just like we do with her stuffed animal, Hot Chocolate - the horse.

We pretend she is real -- wears a bridle, has to be fed, let out to pasture...the whole 9 yards.

Same with Santa.
She'll ask me questions, and I wink and say, "Oh. Mamas can't talk about those things around Christmas-time."

She'll say, "Mommy. I KNOW you're Santa."
I reply, "I'm not saying a word."

But I've always told my girls the true stories of St. Nicolas, the traditions...and they're none the worse for it all.

Same goes the Easter Bunny, too.

We have fun with it all.

Mary's little letter

Nanny Carol spent the night.
We watched It's a Wonderful Life.

It IS a wonderful life!!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Candlelight Service - Christmas Eve

Emily and Mary nearly worried the hair off my knuckles about these candles
Dropping them
Wanting the battery operated ones, too - that some kids had
Going to find and get the battery operated ones from an usher

I gave away these "for real" ones cuz the girls had gotten battery ones
Then Emily wants the real ones, too
I dropped mine and mom's (unlit) on the floor 
Mary crawled around trying to find them
Found mom's
Then I crawled around looking for mine

All to the tunes of O Holy Night and Joy to the World

I moved over and sat next to mom.
There was almost more silly than sacred...
But it was all good!

We had a wonderful time -
Hilarious skit
Creative presentations
Beautiful music
Inspiring message

One hour - eleven minutes 
Then it'll be Christmas.

"Hope for the hopeless
Was born on that night."

Merry by Mary

I Love The Children As Nativity Characters

Posed in front of my special wooden shutters that I obtained - with permission - from someone's trash.

Very 1970's

Christmas Photos - In New Christmas Shirts

Side-Leaning Mary in above photo

These were all possible Christmas card photos.
Lovely staged settings

But the pics - when cropped to fit the card -- didn't show the nice backgrounds ...just "rocks and wood" as Emily noted.

We'll - considering I threw the iPhone to the girls
Who were sitting in the back of the van
On our way home from Wednesday night prayer meeting 
And said, "Here girls. Order us some photo Christmas cards from Walgreens. 
My 50% coupon expires in 4 hours."

No pressure.
They finagled, asked me questions -- to which I replied 4 times, "Oh. I don't care.
Whatever you like."

Emily and Molly had us all set to order. I told them, "Wait. Let me check it out."

They'd accidentally put 3 "s" in blessed.
When they tried to correct it, GONE.
Lost their designed card.

Had to start over -- once we got home.

So we ended up with a gazillion cards with the picture below. 
Hey. Half price.
This photo just cropped better (with color and placement).

Awww. Sweethearts!
I am ble-s-s-s-ed.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Gorilla in the Stable? I'm Thinking Maybe Not....

I'll check The Gospels again, but I'm just not finding any record of an unusually large white gorilla that was a witness to the Christmas story.

Dare I say who put Magilla Gorilla in the fold up, fabric nativity set - with Velcro critters, Angels, and people?

The cats usually swat the characters out from the set and bat them around on our concrete floors.
I found baby Jesus this past summer under some furniture..."wrapped in swaddling" D-U-S-T!
Bless his heart.
I tucked him into one of the Rubbermaid containers that hold our Christmas decorations.

I haven't located him...I mean...Him yet amidst all our "stuff".
Oh well.

I've got Luke's account of the story -- committed to memory.
Luke 2:7- 14
I learned it as child -- for one one of my classes.
The dear older lady who encouraged the class to learn these historical verses -- her name -- it's on the tip of my tongue...starts with a F.
My mother might remember.
She had an adult son with a nice voice who sang solos.
She was short, perfect hair!!!

Anyhoo - I've been reading the Christmas story to the girls - at night before bed.
I sorta brag on my recall of these scriptures.
Not really - but it's fun to recount memory verses from decades ago.

I was reading from the Message Bible -- to the girls -- but I couldn't get into the translation of this story.
Sheep herders instead of shepherds?
Hostel instead of inn?
Switched to King James Version -  so I could gloat over my 7-14 scriptures.

Enjoying the Christmas season.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Went to a Live Nativity - Awesome

This was a packed event for several evenings with shifts of people/large groups witnessing this spectacular presentation!!

The narrator explained where we were going and what we'd see/hear.
Then as we got up from the holding area where we waiting for our group's turn to view the live nativity...
The narrator said, "Come. Let us all go to Bethlehem!"
Mary squealed, "Oh wow. I've never been to Bethlehem!!"


Stars shining in the sky

Loved petting the live animals - sheep and lambs




Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Saturday Night Christmas Cheer

Southern charm
Family fun - Nanny Carol was with us.
Gorgeous display of lights

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mary used the colors of the rainbow - in order - to decorate the globe.

She actually put 12 for 8 - 4.
She thought it read 8 + 4.
She was so proud of her math stocking - colored, cut out.
I didn't have the heart to tell her she was incorrect on one.
I'll just change that minus to a plus.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Went On A Quick Field Trip After Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

Isn't this a fun photo?

In an outdoor wooden sleigh

I love the huge cross in the background.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Away in a Manger - My Favorite Christmas Song

...but I actually don't hear it very often during the season.
Maybe at the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service.
Sung a Capella

I'm gonna check iTunes right now for a pretty version I can put on this phone.

This reminds me of "Where's Waldo"...the girls in the nativity scene.

Mary's holding high her new snow globe.
She asked me (after I took the pic), "Could you see the snow falling in it?"
I said, "I could barely see the little globe in your hands."

Yay for Christmas.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

To Church We Go

I love the Abeka Christian curriculum.
This is Mary's "homeschool" work that she does at home in the evenings with me.
Not every evening.
She had her regular, public school homework to do, but that gets done quickly. 

I treasure the Christian concepts of faith being reinforced in many of the Abeka activities.
I mean....I love the cute colored-seasonal pictures!

On the last line where it reads, "Will you join us to worship Him?"
Of her own accord, Mary wrote, "yes".
That was not even part of what she was to do.

Mary turned in her Lottie Moon rice bowl bank at church tonight.
Good ole Wednesday night prayer meeting!

Many Carol loaded it UP with with dollar bills (26.00), we added our dollars, tons of good change (the silver pieces -ha)
and prayed for missionaries.

Mary is holding her new nativity snow globe - a gift from her GA's teacher.
She loves that little novelty gift!