Saturday, December 26, 2015

Yup. It's My Birthday.

(Marlene's Artwork.)

You know it's a kicker when your child comes up to you on a religious holiday and says, "Mama - The toilet won't flush and water is coming up real high..."


Thank goodness we were headed to Nanny Carol's for Christmas.

In all fairness, there is a #2 potty in our house.

So...guess what I bought myself today for my birthday?
#1. An accordion style plunger
Because the rubber half bowl shaped one can reverse itself and flick toilet bowl contents and liquid(s) onto my face
**** It happened. ****


#2. That's a Freudian slip.
"Number two"
The other birthday present I excitedly bought myself was a commode "snake"
a.k.a. toilet auger 

And boy did I ever have me some happy birthday fun.

Forrest (Robin's hubbie) said, "Geesh. Your birthdays sound like mine."

Had a great day with family.
Marlene and Donna came over and spoiled us all.