Saturday, December 19, 2015

WHERE is that button?

The button that I obviously trigger when I sit down on on the potty.

The button that subconsciously signals to brains and beating hearts in this 1,475 sq.ft. dwelling that I am seated in the bathroom
on a round ring 
of porcelain.

** My mother is clutching the pearls at this point in reading this post. **

The button that causes every child under this roof to think of some random question that could've been asked at any point during the last 247 days....and moves them directionally to the very spot where I am to inquire about said topic of thought.
"Mama - why is there pinwheel pasta in your makeup drawer?"
"Mama - did you get dry skin between your toes when you were a little girl?"
"Mama - do we have to change our sheets again this year, or do we only do that during months that start with A?"

They may just want to have a conversation.

I'd think this is hilarious if I didn't find it sooo incredibly coincidental.
And I'm not talking about just the 6 y/o almond eyed angel.

It's the whole kit-n-kaboodle!!!
Even the animals bust up in there.
(Maybe I should get a covered litter box.)

And I'm not at my best appearance-wise when this caravan of kids and critters comes journeying my way
in the bathroom
attached to my bedroom
while I'm 
"using the facilities".

I know. 
I know.
Lock the door.

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RamblingMother said...

When you find it let me know as I think all toilets of parents must have it.