Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Waiting on Emily...

I won't say where Emily was, but it starts with a "r" and ends with "estroom"
Shhh. Don't tell. 

Mary had her little Christmas party In church choir tonight.
She's munchin a Christmas cookie and sippin apple juice.

The little cup with juice in it reminded me 
of a urine sample at the doctor's office.

Hand me a black Sharpie.
I know exactly what to do!

Nanny Carol is wearing a Christmas pin her mother sent to her YEARS ago. It's special - to say the least.

Neither she (my grandmother) nor my mother would ever speak of such topics -- as urine specimens and toilets -- publicly.

I think it's hilarious.

Mom gave it her best shot -- to somewhat dignify and confine my subjects of conversation.
She fought a losing battle from Day 1.
sure give her credit for trying, tho!

We celebrated mom's birthday yesterday.
Plan on celebrating a little more this weekend. Ya Hoo.
 The girls gave her homemade coupons - to personally give her massages.

Maybe I should give her coupons offering to refine my speech.

The mother in Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility said, "If you cannot refrain your comments to speaking about the roads and the weather, then it is best you say nothing at all."

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