Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Someone is SO "Bu-cite-ed" About Christmas

Excited -- that is.
Emily and Molly were at mom's house cuz I'd not made it home yet.
Late meeting at school
a quick grocery run.

I'm not a fan of darkness at 5:00 
P.M. Or A.M

I like light so I can get stuff done.
However - I am thrilled to be relieved from once a week yard duty for a while. 
But no whining.

I will be sending my BEST friends at Black and Decker a bee-u-tee-Ful Christmas card.
I love their weedeater - the kind where I put a spool of string in....and never have to change it, touch it, fool with it, cry on it, sweat over it, or even think about it until the string is used up.

For real.

This weedeater has a rolling guide that allows me to cut straight lines through the grass edges of sidewalks and driveway - easily.

Whoever invented this darling tool...seriously...I could kiss them on the lips.

It is a Godsend!! 

I do believe Miss Mary will pose with every Christmas tree she sees.
'Tis the season!!

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