Tuesday, December 15, 2015

She Is So Thrilled With Learning To Count By 2's

She asked me, "Do you want to take my picture?"
I said, "Absoltely!"

We're leaving the little numbers behind and making mathematical sense of a hundreds chart.

That's a Horizons kindergarten math book - B (for second half of year).
I ordered it a long time ago so I could provide math experiences along the line of national expectations.

She's ready.
We discuss math concepts in the car when traveling to school -
Counting by 5's
Simple time telling with a clock that moves with gears as the long hand/minute hand moves 
Money - talking about 10 pennies = 1 dime, playing with piggy banks and coin purses 

Gotta remember -- Mary didn't even know the term "penny" until 2015.
Or nickel
Or dime
Or sun
Or moon
Or any English words

All new vocabulary words to her!!

She's done well! 
She works hard...but we try to make it fun, not time consuming, and of course...
We always hope to make everything a learning experience and a field trip.

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