Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mary said, "I love you....oh so lot."

I believe she was trying to say "oh so much".
I'm sure I use this term.

We were out and about last week, and she saw a bag of marshmallows and said, 
"Look mom. Mushrooms."

So - before the afternoon dental appointments yesterday, I used my birthday/Christmas gift cards to buy a new pair of walking shoes.

I bought my last pair so I could walk up The Great Wall of China.
March - 2013
For my trip to adopt Molly

Some folks would say I was long overdue in getting another pair...but...

lean more toward the persuasion of, "Let's use 'um up. Wear 'um out."

My own girls have worn shoes a little past the time of - uh - how do I say this....uh - past the time that many girls (these days) might wear them.
It's fine.
Their psyches are not scarred.
We don't just run out and buy, buy, buy.

Actually - I'd say 75% of every shoe (for Emily and Mary only) that's been in this house was a gift from someone or great hand me downs from others -- mostly hand me downs.

Molly's shoes are custom fitted and made to coincide with her AFO (brace). 
Bless her heart.
We go to doctor's offices to get her shoes. 

The girls are so appreciative of what they have, and yes.
They love to shop -- but they love a bargain.
They're typical girls in that respect, and we have so much fun having "girl time" shopping.

I have fun along with them, but I'm not a shopper.
I give up too easily.
For someone as hard headed as I am, if I don't find what I need or cannot locate a clerk to help me...I've been known to tear up (almost cry) and walk out of a department store.

Seriously. I'm not kidding.

But....yesterday the clerk, Adrienne - a nursing school student who has helped me in the past at this this specialty sport shoe store - measured my feet - sitting standing measurements. 
She gave great advice, 
I took the first pair of shoes brought out.
They worked perfectly.

I wore them out of the store, and while at the dentist, Dr. Susan (a runner) said, "Gotcha some new kicks?"
I was sorta glad I didn't have on my former pair. They did seem pretty 'dire' compared to the new ones.

I just don't notice things like that. 
Others obviously do.

I may re-think my fashion choices in 2016.

And what -say ye - was that sonic boom you just heard?
It was my mother praising the Lord that her prayers are being answered.

Femininity might just be looming on the horizon.
Hope springs eternal.

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