Thursday, December 24, 2015

Making Happy Birthday Banner for Jesus

Mary did this of her own accord.
Some one of us must've helped with spelling.
She cut her banner out
With swirly curves
And taped it to our gate - between the dining/kitchen/laundry area and the living room/rest of the house.

The gate helps me corral dogs and dirt!

Well...not dirt
But possibly leaves

Dirt and dust in this house have spiritual characteristics.
They seem to be omnipresent.

We're doing a little chopping - celery, pickle, and boiled eggs for our yummy chicken salad -- dinner after the Christmas Eve service to tonight.

Most everything -not all - has been completed.

The girls are going to write little birthday cards to Jesus.
I thought that would be a reflective way to express thoughts...and ponder the day approaching.
Keeping the focus!