Monday, December 14, 2015

Fantasy Fudge and Chex Party Mix

I can only make the Christmas fudge in that very pan because that's how it's always been done.

Mom and I have a combined total of 43 copies of this fudge recipe...cuz Kraft quit printing it in the back label 
Probably back during the Reagan administration.

It was only on the Kraft marshmallow cream container...not on any off brands.
Often - stores were out of the Kraft version and we'd have to get a rouge brand.
Jet puffed?!?
No recipe on them there containers.

I'd finally find the Kraft Fantasy Fudge recipe -- somehow -- write it down and then not find it in time for the next year's cooking session right before Christmas.

So I'd sheepishly asked mom for her nice typed copy of the recipe from her file folder in the cabinet over the washing machine. 
You know.
The good ole Kenmores from Sears-- the washers that lasted 25+ years.

Then she'd lecture me about how many copies I've had and misplaced.

There was a year or two through the decades when she couldn't find her sacred copy of the recipe.
So we'd go searching for some lone copy and then make more copies.

This recipe just took on a life of its own.

So it was time to make our annual batch. 
Mom had one of her copies- attached to a small clipboard.
Very official
Very intimidating.

See the girls smiling?
They have no clue how they are preserving family history. 

I would never tell mom that I cannot put my hands on one single, solitary copy of this fudge recipe (at my house).

I'm determined to keep my part of the recipe irresponsibility in tact.
Like I've said, I'm steeped in tradition!

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