Monday, December 28, 2015

Day 1 of Holiday Medical Appointments

Molly is reading Little Men while waiting for the orthotist to fine tune her shoes.
This usually takes hours, but our tech - Mrs. Dawn - used measurements that she had on file.

Molly loves this book and was reading aloud to me while Emily pushed Mary around on the tech's rolling stool.
This is an old copy of the book.
It has a check out stamp from 1968.
We got it from the church library.

We both laughed at the part where Rob - a boy who lives at Plumfield - is awed by a little girl "with long golden hair, dainty dress, and lofty ways."

The book says, "...he considered her a sort of doll and dared not touch her lest she should break."

I laughed cuz Molly laughed.
I do love the choice of words and phrases in this dear little story.

Mary read to us, too, after she finished a little even number counting and some time telling practice with me.

Her story was about an umpire.
Not as intriguing as Louisa May Alcott's Rob and his little doll princess friend.

Just making some profitable use of time while we wait!

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