Monday, December 21, 2015

Cookie Took Them Shopping and Bought Them These Outfits

Sweet huh?
Cook's got good taste - very feminine.
I dress more like a farmhand.

Cookie's real name is not Cookie.
It's Waudean -- "Wah-dean".
Never known anyone with that name.

Actually her first name is Mary.
I one time asked her, "Uhmmm...why didn't you 'go by' Mary?"

To each his own.

We've been friends for years.
We met while teaching.
She was the Counselor at my school.
She lives in another town and is now retired.

We meshed.
Big time.
We both love vintage relics.
Mine have to be from my own family -- which means no antique store buying of items.
I look but don't touch.

She'll buy anything anywhere.

We used to take our lunches to school - as adults/educators - and wrap our sandwiches in Cut Rite Wax Paper.
It reminded us of our childhoods.
We both have happy memories of being children.

Years ago -- pre-children -- she gave me the most darling set of old timey autumn dishes from a Pentecostal church yard sale.
They're under the bed at Nanny Carols's house.
The dishes.
Not the Pentecostals.
Mom pulls the dishes out some years.
I really enjoy them - but have all the dishes I can fit in my house.

Anyhoo - at Cookie's mom's funeral back in two thousand something, she was sitting across the table from me.
We were in the fellowship hall at their small country church.
We were eating the covered dish meal provided by church members.

I'm talkin' Hooterville.
Precious folks!
No Arnold Ziffle kinda people, tho.

Back to the fellowship hall conversation.
Waudean said, "Ya know. I think I want a another name. A cute name. A happy name - like Cookie."

My response, "Cookie it is."

Sooooo - that's how her alternate name came about.

She's an angel-like kinda friend.
Loves people.
All people.
And animals.

Married at 40 years of age.
She was almost an old maid like me.

She took the girls out for their annual jaunt to the Hallmark Store to get their yearly Hallmark ornament.
This is her little tradition.

Last year they all went while I was in China for Mary's adoption.
This year they went while Mary was in school, and Em and Molly picked out her 1st Hallmark ornament.

We are blessed to have such kind and loving friends who enrich our lives.

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