Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ballet - Classic Songs and Christian Emphasis

It was a beautiful presentation!

The older 2 girls are wearing one of their Christmas coats (on sale...bought a month ago.)

Mary's glasses broke, and she's getting a whole new frame.
I suggested she take her beloved binoculars.

With one of the ballerinas

My iPhone camera does not capture people in the light of bright staging.
Time to upgrade.

These 2 male dancers were incredible.
The one on the right said he was 'blessed by adoption and was adopted from the Philippines as a baby."
His family lives in Maryland.

Notice his arm/hand on Molly's shoulder.
Uh hum.

The young fella next to Emily is from Colorado. 

I'm so glad we made time to attend the ballet tonight.
Nanny Carol came, too.
Great time!!

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