Saturday, November 14, 2015

Selfie -Sorta - But I'm Cropped Out

Mary wanted some cuddle time this morning.
She was so content for me to wrap her up in a blanket and hold her on my lap.
I think her little emotional bucket needed filling, and a non-hurried Saturday morning is the perfect time.

I was siting on my great grandmother's wicker couch , looking out my big picture windows in the bedroom -- at the gorgeous autumn day -- having my coffee and quiet time.

She was content to snuggle and say, "It's a beautiful day...isn't it?"

When she has her "be quiet" time at night ....she says she likes to draw pictures of God's creation.

I told her I think this is a great idea.
I'm sure the Lord is honored that His creation is so appreciated.

I snapped a selfie of us -- and I never take selfies.
I wanted a photo showing her peaceful state of just being loved
Minus my morning breath and bed head.

She's a delight.

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