Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"My Grandfather's Clock Was Too Tall for the Shelf..."

"....so it sat 90 years on the floor."

Mary has been singing this song - that is on a CD in the car - headed to and from school.
I love the old, classic songs like this one.

My mama says her daddy sang it to her when she was a little girl.
Sweet memories - I'm sure.

Mary is learning songs and nursery rhymes like "Hunky Dunky" - as she calls it.
All during drive time.

She didn't know what a grandfather clock looked like
We looked at photos via Google
and then constructed one from throw away items.

The brown part/cabinet is an old cartridge toner box from the copy machine. We got brown paper and worked very diligently to wrap the box 
just like a present.

Mom taught me how to do that early on in life, and I usually was part of her wrapping team late on Dec. 24th.

Mary is not ready to crease corners and line up edges, but she sure helped 
and did 95% of the taping (parallel to edges - of course).

The clock part is a red creamer lid.

We cut out a circle and hands.
Mary wrote the numbers and cinched it all with a dab of glitter glue in the middle.

We still have to create the dangling weights on chains, but that'll be another day.

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