Saturday, November 21, 2015

A "Program" (a.k.a. Pilgrim) on Thursday - and a Native American "Rainbow Princess" on Friday

Gotta love the red tennis shoes.
It's time for another pair -
Like yesterday.

These were hand me downs from Robin's crew.

We love pass along clothes, shoes...these work great for littles.

Molly and Emily sorta don't have older girls around for all this.
So - they shop at consignment stores, thrift stores, and yes....department stores.

I'd say 99% of what they've gotten at dept. stores has been on sale.

They're older and have their own sense of style. I wouldn't even attempt to buy clothing for them.

And you know what?
No one could buy clothing for me.

When I shop with Em and Molly - I drive them, get them inside safely, and then STAND there. 
I'll advise
Offer approval 
But I pick out nothing!
I'm not a big clothes shopper!

The girls are always so UN-demanding and appreciative. It's a joy to see them find something they really like.

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