Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This is the Sweetest Children's Story

I read it to Mary the other night.

I love the simplicity, artwork, and messages from children's books like this.

The kindness of an older man, Amos, and his zoo friends - treasuring the relationship they have.

** Sigh **

There's a unique frienship between Amos and all these animals...
But I believe he and the penguin have an extra special bond.

The penguin is shy.
Amos sits with him in silence.

But - if you study the artwork in the book you'll see Amos has a picture of a penguin on his wall.

On the final page (above) the picture shows everyone sleeping - except the penguin.
One gets the idea that the penguin is thinking quietly about how thankful he is to have an understanding friend like Amos.

I don't think we are ever too old for stories just like this.

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