Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Organized Girls! Look at this Reminder.

I bought an electric griddle to use in my classroom to host a pancake breakfast event for my students....
The ones who are striving to do their best  and 
The ones I need to motivate to do better.

I used "penny sales tax money" - which is a fancy term for school funds I can use to buy out of the ordinary items.

I'd say an electric griddle in a classroom is out of the ordinary.

I paid for the incidentals myself  - pancake mix, OJ, cups, plates, napkins.
Glad to do it!!

Well...we had a famous time this morning  in my classroom honoring kiddos.

My girls wanted to make sure I left nothing behind.
At our recent Walmart run, the cashier forgot to give me one of my bags of items.
I PREACH: "Ask the cashier, "Do I have all my bags?'  before walking away.
Those circular/carousel bag holders are notorious for 'hiding' a bag of two."

Seems I was juggling 3 or 4 balls at one time and failed to heed my own advice.

Got home and had to turn around and go back to Wally World and get the bag. 

So - the girls were attempting to make visual reminders of what I needed to take to school for the breakfast and what I'd already taken the day before.
There was some overlap of items (butter), and it was a tad busy day/night.

Our car is full of items to use at my Tuesday night part time job...so I'm loving the daughterly (not even a real word - is it?) mental assistance.
Everything was sorta conglomerated.

This afternoon Mary asked if I'd make her some pancakes.

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