Sunday, October 25, 2015

Molly's Fried Egg with Sriracha Sauce

That's how spell check is spelling -- what I typed as "siracha". 
Spell check is coe-rect.
There's another 'r' in that word.

It will auto correct on the post's title, 
but not down here in the text of the post.

The girls - Molly and Emily - have learned to fry eggs for breakfast.
-- organic ones
the turkey bacon is also organic.

I'm convinced now more than ever that this is how we should eat - as healthy as possible.

The only household cleaners we use --
White vinegar
Baking Soda
Maybe an essential oil for fragrance.

Mrs. Meyers soaps and dishwashing liquid - and pump air freshener

Gotta ditch the Gain detergent -- well...already have.

Desire of our heart -- a water purification system for the entire house. Seems our Pur filter jugs aren't really quality enough.

We use Tom's toothpaste
Chew Spry gum
Cook with olive oil or coconut oil only
Choose plastic containers that are BPA free
Use only "clean" pots and pans (no Teflon)
Sweeten with Stevia
Aim for brown rice pasta
Color my hair with a package from Whole Foods (or Vitacost....I LOVE Vitacost!!)
Get groceries that are -- as much as possible -- organic

But we have lots more to change!!!

My makeup - but I do use Burt's Bees lipstick
My hairspray
And just a bunch more things

This is how WE roll.
No judgement for others, tho.

It costs more - but we are planning, preparing, using coupons, buying quality meats on sale...grass fed beef and free range chicken 

The girls are getting accustomed to eating sandwiches (Ezekiel bread), soups, and salads at lunch - quesadillas, etc. 
Fruit is a part of every meal -- and most of the time veggies, too.

I aim to cook each evening -
But we eat at church every Wednesday night and "out" once in a while.

We're gonna do our part to learn 
Try new recipes
And live a nutritionally rich life to the fullest.

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