Sunday, October 4, 2015

Autumn Decor and Matching Dresses

Our antique, upright piano --
That strangers GAVE us a few years ago.

Marlene was telling the story of Molly's adoption and how much she needed to have her musical outlet.

Language and life were huge obstacles at the time....but a precious family gave us their piano.

We stay in touch with them.
How unselfish of them to think so generously about my little Molly - who is becoming a phenomenal pianist.
As is Emily....

The big girl dress and doll baby dress were hand me down gifts....

Mary was headed to church -
In her winter jacket and flip flops.

I did not even care.

She found a turkey decoration I was putting out and said,
"Mama. I know what this called.
A pea-cot."

I said, "Oh. You mean a peacock. Very close. It's a turkey with different colored feathers than a peacock."

Too cute.

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